Our Services

Copywriting (content coming soon)


Keywords, images, paragraphs, calls-to-action, and value propositions all live in your page copy, and MSC's experience in copywriting and content design will highlight the best your product or service has to offer in a way that resonates with your audience.

UX & Conversion (content coming soon)


Your sales funnel is your main source of conversion. Our expert UX analysis and recommendations will identify things to improve to make your conversion funnel as efficient as possible.

Marketing Strategy (content coming soon)


MSC will analyze your marketing strategy and find broken elements, bottlenecks, broken elements, and opportunities for improvement, and recommend changes so you get the most out of your marketing plan.

SEO & Analytics (content coming soon)


Search Engines, Google, Keywords, etc. MSC will create an SEO PLAN for you and optimize your content and maintain its technical health so you are searchable, findable, and clickable.

Digital Psychology & Building Trust (content coming soon)


 Our expertise in DIGITAL PSYCHOLOGY will help you find ways to adapt your site to your customers and make it easier for them to shop and buy. 

Neuromarketing, Design, & Layout (content coming soon)


Displaying your content effectively is just as important as choosing what content you display. The right DESIGN and LAYOUT will make your customer's journey easier and build your brand better.

The MSC Process

Insightful Content Marketing Analysis


Marc Sandin Creative connects businesses with their customers with a details content analysis.

We'll look at your website and identify ways to increase your content quality to achieve your business goals.

We can help achieve better results from your content marketing challenges in the following ways:

  • Creating more useful customer personas so you can target more effectively
  • Helping you have a more intelligent understanding of online interactions
  • Developing efficient strategies for content testing and improved iterations
  • Raising your conversion within sales funnels and lead-capture
  • Effectively addressing your customers' fears, uncertainties, and doubts
  • Increasing the length of your site's engagement so visitors will spend more time on your site
  • Improving overall user experience
  • Reducing friction, bottlenecks, and pain points
  • Raising user confidence to help your inbound leads trust you more

Personalized Content Marketing Plans

MSC Marketing provides a detailed content marketing analysis to identify potential issues.

Marc Sandin Creative provides a custom report that will identify opportunities for improvement and recommend a focused content strategy action consisting of any or all of the following:

  • Landing pages and navigation (Information Architecture)
  • SEO (Organic search engine traffic)
  • Social  engagement
  • Media & photography
  • Value propositions & calls-to-action
  • Conversion funnels

Content marketing strategies are built on experienced marketing intuition and data-supported insights, intended to attract, convert, and nurture your prospects into customers.

Talk to us about how we can support your growth and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

Content Marketing is a many-spoked wheel. You can trust MSC marketing to ask the right questions and prioritize the right strategy, all while protecting your brand and your business investment.

Partner Testimonials

Meg Villanueva - Author

I knew that I needed something - but had no idea what it was. Marc listened carefully, asked a few questions, and immediately grasped what the problem was. Marc is the one if you need help with your website content marketing. 

Griff Hanning - CausePub

Marc was one of the authors, proofreaders, and copyeditors for the book Couch Rebels that we published in August of 2013, as well as one of our bloggers, and supported our marketing strategy for the project. He is an extremely talented creative writer and I highly recommend him.

Lee Escobedo - Writer

Marc is well worth your time and consideration. He provided me with terrific new website design, SEO, and website content; I will be using his services again. It's hard to find a digital partner you can trust, but Marc is that partner.

Jordan Hall - Rock Your Family

Marc is so talented; His SEO, copywriting, and content marketing work for my business was super useful and appreciated. He is so good at what he does. Thanks, Marc, for all your hard work, creativity, and expertise.

Dave Rolf - TAG Process

Marc has a great balance in his life. He is one of the most professional SEOs and content marketers that I know (and he's very funny, also). I highly value our working relationship and he has a great way of encouraging me to produce greater results for my company.

Kelly Meshirer - BP101 Fund

Marc has an incredible eye for the details of digital content. He leverages his knowledge of marketing strategy and design to make sure his client feels taken care of as he did for us. He went above and beyond our expectations to ensure BP101 had the media we needed.

About Marc


What we do (in a nutshell)

We're trained/certified in multiple disciplines, including digital psychology, UX (user experience), copywriting, product messaging, neuromarketing, heuristic analysis, SEO, CRO (conversion rate optimization), inbound marketing, and digital marketing best practices.

Our goal is to provide top-quality content strategy and analysis to make your website more user-friendly, more trustworthy, and more engaging in order to increase your leads, sales, and achieve your overall business goals.

The history of MSC Marketing

We've been around awhile.

Our rebrand focuses on providing the best possible content marketing services for my business partners and clients, but my past endeavors have included SEO, social media, graphic & logo design, copywriting/editing, brand development, photography, and basic website construction.

If you'd heard of Inside Out Media, WriteRite, or Marc Ames Photography, you've seen some of my work.

I'm dedicated more than ever to creating high-quality content to help your business succeed.

Concerns? Questions?

There are no stupid questions, and no questions we won't answer. No matter what your wondering right now, I'm available for your inquiries.

Need some more help?

Ask us any questions.

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